(2648) A Khashoggi drámát már nem lehet elsikálni – Erdogan követeli MbS leváltását

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By Moon Of Alabama

The Khashoggi saga continues to influence Middle East policies.

On Friday the Saudi regime admitted that Khashoggi was killed in its consulate in Istanbul. Since then they have changed their story twice:

After weeks of denying involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance, Saudi Arabia said that he was killed in the Istanbul consulate, saying his death was the result of a „fistfight”. A Saudi source close to the royal palace later told CNN that the Washington Post journalist died in a chokehold. On Sunday, its foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, went further, describing Khashoggi’s death on Fox News as a „murder” and a „tremendous mistake.”

Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi clown prince and effective ruler, does not seem to have any good media advisors. By not sticking to one story all further Saudi accounts will immediately come into doubt.

The Saudis originally claimed that Khashoggi had left the consulate. We now know why they felt safe to make that claim. CNN has a new Turkish story of a decoy which was send out to make it look as if Khashoggi left. They provide pictures to prove it:

One member of the 15-man team suspected in the death of Jamal Khashoggi dressed up in his clothes and was captured on surveillance cameras around Istanbul on the day the journalist was killed, a senior Turkish official has told CNN.

CNN has obtained exclusive law enforcement surveillance footage, part of the Turkish government’s investigation, that appears to show the man leaving the consulate by the back door, wearing Khashoggi’s clothes, a fake beard, and glasses.

While Khashoggi was half bald, the decoy in Khashoggi’s cloth seems to have full hair.

Bit by bit the Turkish government leaks more of the sorry tale. It helps to keep the issue on the political agenda.

YeniSafak, an Erdogan aligned broadsheet, claims (Turkish, machine translation) that Khashoggi was put on the phone with MbS while he was in the consulate. He was allegedly told to return to Saudi Arabia. After he rejected to do so he was killed.

A later YeniSafak report (Turkish, machine translation) says that Saudi teamleader in the consulate, Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, made a total of four calls to bin Salman’s office manager Badr bin Mohammed Al Asaker in Riyadh. Al Asaker is the head of the crown prince’s foundation and his ‘invisible hand’. Mutreb allegedly used the cell phone of the consul. Another call was made to the U.S., presumably to Khalid bin Salman, the brother of MbS who is the Saudi ambassador in Washington DC. Khalid has since returned to Riyadh. Al Jazeerah Arabic had earlier reported of such calls, and of 19 additional WhatsUp calls to MbS himself.

If the news of these calls proves to be true, the killing of Khashoggi was undoubtedly premeditated murder on the direct order of the clown prince.

Turkish police also found an abandoned car that is owned by the Saudi consulate. It can be seen on CCTV footage of the consulate on the day that Khashoggi was killed.

All this proves that the spy-craft of the Saudi assassination team was abysmal. All cellphone networks store records of each call. Any foreign official’s phone in Turkey is under surveillance of the country’s intelligence service. Only some throw-away phone with an anonymous prepaid card could have given some protection.

It seems that the Saudi team simply did not care. It tried to obscure the incident by removing the body, but did otherwise little to hide the operation. They likely expected to get away with this. Their boss, MbS, certainly did:

As the disappearance of Mr. Khashoggi escalated into a diplomatic crisis, Prince Mohammed was shocked by the backlash. He couldn’t understand why Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance was such a big deal, according to people who recently interacted with the prince.

On Oct. 10, eight days after Mr. Khashoggi went missing, Prince Mohammed called Jared Kushner, the adviser and son-in-law to President Trump, according to people briefed on the phone conversation.

Why the outrage, Prince Mohammed asked in English.

The prince’s confusion soon turned into rage. “He was really shocked that there was such a big reaction to it,” said a person close to the royal court. “He feels betrayed by the West. He said he would look elsewhere and he will never forget how people turned against him before evidence was produced.”

No one seems to care how many Yemeni’s Mohammad bin Salman kills each day. There was no harsh reaction when MbS kidnapped the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, nor when he incarcerated nearly 400 princes and tortured them to steal their money. Why would anyone care about Khashoggi?

Because that is how human psychology works:

The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.
Josef Stalin

We humans care way more for a single persons we know, than for a mass of people we have no relations with.

Khashoggi was a personal friend of Erdogan. He was a columnist at the Washington Post, the CIA’s most favored news outlet. Mohammad bin Salman is an enemy of both. Neither the neocon opinion editor of the Post, Fred Hiatt, nor Erdogan have any love for the Saudi clown prince. They would of course raise a ruckus when given such a chance.

They will pile on and air the Saudi’s dirty linen until MbS is gone. Yesterday the New York Times exposed the twitter brigades the Saudis hired to manipulate the public. Today the Washington Post has a detailed report of Saudi influence peddling through U.S. stink tanks. The Middle East Institute, CSIS and Brookings get called out. Lobbyists for the Saudis are canceling their contracts. More such reports will come  out. Years of lobbying and tens of millions of dollars to push pro-Saudi propaganda have now gone to waste.

The affair is damaging to Trump. He built his Middle East policy on his relations with Saudi Arabia. But he can not avoid the issue and has to call out MbS over the killing. His own party is pressing for it. Yesterday the Republican Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, dismissed the Saudi version of the story on CNN and called (vid) for consequences:

„It is my sense, I don’t know yet, but based on the intel I have read, based on the other excerpts that I have read, it is my thinking that MbS was involved in this, that he directed this and that this person was purposefully murdered.

There has to be a punishment and a price paid for that.

Do I think he did it? Yes, I think he did it. […] We obviously have intercepts from the past that point to involvement at a very high level, so let’s let play this out.

On Sunday Erdogan was on the phone with Trump. The Turkish readout of the call hints at negotiations over Syria, the lifting of sanctions against Turkey and other issues. But the Khashoggi case has now gone too far to allow for a deal to be made over it.

Erdogan’s mouthpiece, the somewhat lunatic columnist Ibrahim Karagül, gives an insight into Erdogan’s thinking and sets out his aims:

The real trap was set against Saudi Arabia. Even though a Saudi Arabia-U.S.-Israel rapport was established and discourse about shielding the Riyadh administration from Iran, the objective was to destroy Saudi Arabia through Salman and Zayed. The next front after the Syria war was the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia. They never understood this, they could not understand it. Turkey understood it, but the Arab political mind was blinded.

Now Saudi Arabia is in a very difficult situation. The world collapsed over them. Crown Prince Salman is going through a tough test via Zayed, who has control over him. If the gravity of the situation after the facts revealed with the Khashoggi murder is not comprehended, we will witness a “Saudi Arabia front” in less than a few years.

The Riyadh administration must dethrone Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at once. It has no other choice. Otherwise, it is going to pay very heavy prices. If they fail to quash the trap set up targeting Saudi Arabia through bin Zayed, they will be victims of Trump’s “You won’t last two weeks” statement, and the process is going to start to work in that direction.

This duo must be taken out of the entire region and neutralized. Otherwise they are going to throw the region in fire.

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed is Mohammad bin Salman’s mentor and partner in crime in Yemen. MbZ is smarter than MbS – and will be more difficult to dislodge.

Erdogan announced that he will describe more details of the case on Tuesday in a speech to his party’s parliament group. He will probably not yet play the tape from inside the consulate that Turkish intelligence claims to have. But he may well confirm the revealed phone calls and threaten to release their content.

Erdogan’s aim seems clear. The chance for deal is gone. MbS has to go. He will try to play the case out until that is achieved.


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    Ettől kezdve nem nehéz kitalálni, mi fog történni. A dolog el lesz sikálva, legfeljebb Erdogan kap még egy kis pénzt. Valószínűleg még nem találták meg a megfelelő összeget, no meg esetleg kicsit szabadabb kezet kap a kurdokkal szemben és minden elcsendesedik.

  2. A napokban olvastam egy elemzést, a fenti arab elhalálozása okán
    adam garrie/ oldalán
    Abba az állt, hogy a szunni iszlám vallás a jövőben mely irányba változzon.
    Illetve a domináns mely irányzat lenne.
    Ez a Khashoggi a muszlim testvériség egyik vezető pártolója volt,
    és a török Erdo barátja is.
    Amerikába bújt el a szaudi Salmánok elől mert otthon nem élhetett.
    MBS és az egyiptomi Fatah al Sisi sem kedvelték igazán.
    Khashoggi cikkeiben bemutatta ezeket a despotákat
    amint az us fegyverekkel izraeli kottából arab vért ontanak
    Jemenbe Szíriába Irakba (Egyiptomba) Szomáliába.
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    Túl sokat tudott a Bush, Blair tömegpusztító hazugságokról,
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    Ezekből egy is elég a betegséghez.
    Ha csak egy nőtlenségi papír kell valakinek arról,
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    Az us szervek tudták,
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    nem figyelmeztették ezt az embert.

  3. Xander: Ezt a hülyeséget, komolyan. Miért nem mindjárt Soros volt?

  4. Feltűnt, hogy következetesen „clown prince”-t írnak „crown prince” helyett. Ha egyszer lenne a szövegben ez a hiba, még csak lehetne véletlen elírásnak gondolni, de így nem igazán. Namost, én megértem, ha ez a véleményük, de azért ez akkor sem szép dolog, egy elemzésben ilyen módon véleményt nyilvánítani.

  5. 2 – Xaner:
    A pasi hülye volt. Tudhatta volna, hogy meg fogják ölni. Ha én tudtam volna a helyében, akkor ő mikért nem tudta? Nem ismerte MbS-t?
    4 – Joskapista:
    Az első clown prince-nél röhögtem, hogy milyen jópofa elírás (elég gyakran szokott lenni). A másodiknál nekem is az jutott eszembe, hogy ez szándékos, de nem hiszem. Az ember egy adott hibát sokszor ismétel. Ugyanis később már crown prince-et írtak. Ha szándékos, akkor miért nem írták végig ezt? Meg aztán a „bohoc” jelző nagyon nem ül. Ez a pasi egy kegyetlen, irgalmat nem ismerő, mocskos gyilkos, aki még élvezi is, mert különben miért darabolták fel? Vágták le a fejét. Kim is megölette a bátyját, de simán, gyors idegméreggel.

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    hogy a levegőből az Egyesült Államok polgári céljaira támadnak.
    Az orosz hírszerzés vezetője kijelentette:
    „Többször is figyelmeztettük őket”,
    de „nem fordítottak kellő figyelmet”
    Érdekes azonban észrevenni, hogySzaúd-Arábia egyáltalán nem adott figyelmeztetést.
    Turki bin Faisal, a szaúdi hírszerző ügynökség vezetője elmondta,
    hogy a szaúdi kormánynak előzetesen tudomása volt 9/11-ről,
    vagy legalábbis tudta mi készül.

    Tíz nappal a New York-i támadást megelőzően,
    ahol elhunyt, v eltűnt 3000 személy
    a szaúdi hírszerzés vezetője bin Turki visszavonult.
    Lemondott., felszívódott, eltűnt a nyilvánosság elől.
    Hirtelen távozás volt, jóval azelőtt, hogy a megbízása lejárt volna.
    Turki bin Faisal néhány év múlva mint amerikai szaúdi nagykövet reinkarnálódik.
    Khashoggi ennek a Turki bin Faisalnak nagyköveti tanácsosként volt a média titkára.
    Az évek során szoros kapcsolatban állt Turki herceggel.
    Feltehetően, rendkívül érzékeny bennfentes információkat tudott
    arról, hogy a valóságban mi történt a 9/11 ikertorony
    tervezett leomlasztása előtti napokon.


  7. 4. Joskapista
    Szerintem szójáték a „Clown Prince” mintahogyan „Stink Tank” (= büdös tartály, szintén a szövegben) Think Tank helyett. Szeret szójátszani, ennyi lehet. Hogy mennyi helye van ilyesminek egy elemzésben, az más kérdés. Nekem szsz. tetszik.

  8. Másrészről, szedjük össze minden összeszedhető fantáziánkat, vajon mi történt volna, ha ezt a tettet iráni, vagy orosz nagykövetségen követik el az adott államok. Ugye? Ugye ugye? Már úton lennének az anyahajók, napirenden az ensz soronkívüli ülése, azonnali szankciók, felháborodás, a sajtó overdrive-ban. És a mi „értékrendekre alapuló nyugati civilizációnk” kemény válaszokat követelne.
    Korrupt banda, de nem csak itt, majd mindenhol. A néhai Max Liebermann-nal szólva: nem tudnék annyit zabálni, mint amennyit okádni akarnék. Emberiség, neked vlsz. annyi. Tschüss, szervusz, by by. Majd lesz valami más.

  9. „bye-bye”, akartam mondani a nagy felindulásban, aztán by-oztam. Hehe. Szóval nekem se higgyetek, ami tovább komplikálja a dolgokat 🙂

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